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In this world of complexity and pressure we need stories we can relate to.

Your marketing team makes sure your video gets seen in the right places by the right people. I help make sure you resonate fully once you’re there.

Be seen, be heard, be known.

Meet Connie

First there were skits with my sister in the living room and around the campfire, then directing and design for live theater, still photography for my commercial studio, voice-over artist, video scripting, and filmmaking. All the time learning a little more about the little things that say a lot.

“In the end I'll know, but on the way I wonder."

I like to go to the edge and say “hmmmm”. Often there’s more there there; ways to side step the predictable and literal, to surprise, to make memorable.

There isn’t much that is truly mundane, and much that is noble. You just have to look from all angles. There’s lots of way to say and show things.

Concepting and scripting are my favorite parts of the video process.  I am a sucker for kids, animals, and other vulnerable things in the world. I value beauty, respect, thoughtfulness and honesty. And…coffee. Yes, coffee. And, dark chocolate. And dogs.

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